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Now you can buy my self-published books, swag, T-shirts, etc (as soon as the designs are finished) directly from me. And more than that, there will be shorts offered here for download completely free of charge, so be sure to check back often.

 Vicktor Alexander Presents

The Alpha’s Beautiful Mate

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Kevin Stiles is a beautiful man. He’s been told that his entire life. From his long black hair to his big, blue eyes and tight compact body he’s wanted by both women and men. And for the most part he has used his looks to his advantage. He was a child model and now he’s a supermodel. He has two homes and regularly takes luxury vacations.
It is on one of these “mental health vacations” that Kevin finds out that the world he lives in is filled with more than just the pretty and those who want to be pretty.  There are things that go bump in the night and Kevin discovers that when one of them, the biggest wolf he’s ever seen in his life, attacks him on the beach of Barbados and bites him… hard.
Fitzgerald Beacham is the alpha of his pack. He’s big, strong, and scary in both his wolf and his human form. And though the scars on his face and body are intimidating in his shifter form, on his human face they’re just… ugly. He knows that when he mates a female from the pack to continue the line she’ll be mating his power and position and not him and he’s fine with that, until he scents his true mate on the beach.
Now Fitzgerald has to convince Kevin to stay with him in Barbados in spite of their rocky start because now that they’ve bonded he’ll die without his mate… literally. And there’s someone out there who knows that and is determined to use it to their advantage.



The Beta’s Sexy Lover

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TBSL1400 copy“Chick with a dick.” That’s what Emery Allyn has been called his entire life. It would have been upsetting if it wasn’t so true. Emery or “Em” to all his friends, has always glowed whenever he put on a dress, applied makeup to his face, and slipped on a pair of heels (Ferrogamo or Jimmy Choo, of course). And whenever he’s not in drag, Emery wears women’s underwear because it makes him feel pretty. So what if he can’t find a man to appreciate his fabulousness? He’s very happy being alone… he really is.
Omari La Rous watched his best friend and Alpha meet his mate, fall in love, and almost screw it up. He’s determined not to do the same thing when he stumbles across Emery at the airport. But what’s that saying about “the best laid plans?” There’s one mishap after another as Omari tries to woo his ruh esi until finally he has to rely on good old fashioned lust to do the trick.
But danger still lurks around the island of Barbados, targeting shifters and their mates and Omari may have to sacrifice his life in order to make sure that Emery still has one.


St. Nick Luvs Kris Kringle

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SNLKK1400 copyWhen John Sneider accepts a job interview playing “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” at the Galleria Mall in Orlando, Florida he accepts that his life is over. He has hit rock bottom. He will never be an actor or a singer, and his best years as a studly gay man have passed. But when he finds himself actually in competition with another Santa Claus for the gig, well let’s just say, John has lost his holiday spirit.
Charley Mullins just wants to make enough money to buy one very special present for one extremely important person. If that means he has to turn into a devious Kris Kringle and steal the job away from a talent-less, self-centered, gorgeous, asshole… then so be it. Charley would get the job as mall Santa at the Galleria. Even if he has to betray John to do so.
The men start off in a battle, fighting until the end. But when the role of Santa is finally announced, will St. Nick still luv Kris Kringle, or will the Christmas season end up with two men with Christmas stockings filled with coal?



6 thoughts on “Vicktor Alexander Store”

  1. Karolin
    Got an e-mail from Shoplocket, that they are discontinuing their service on june 30. So what happens with the pre order i made??
    Greetings from Sweden.

    1. Karolin,

      Vicktor wanted me to let you know that all of the orders were sent to his email when you made them so they have been downloaded and he knows who bought what. You will still receive your book when it is published. No worries! -Ry

    1. I am working on Washington now. I have to finish up book 3 in the Scandalous Whispers of the Remmington Realm (trust me if/when you read the end of book 2, it’s needed), but after that, Washington is next.

  2. Any update on Washington’s story in the Sevion Brothers series? Your last post was just over a year ago!

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