A Very Tate Valentine’s

A Very Tate Valentine’s

It’s Valentine’s Day and the Tate pack couples should be excited and extremely lovey-dovey as they express their love for each other just like every other couple in the world. But Richard and Vet are fighting. Tommy is sitting around in ratty jeans and a T-shirt, crying and singing Cher. Michael and Maurice have disappeared and Alex has been spending hours outside chopping wood that isn’t needed.
The cowboy shifters are all confused as to why their mates are so miserable, especially after the amazing Christmas they just celebrated.
So how will they prove to their mates just how much they love them? And where the hell are Michael and Maurice?
Return to Witchita Falls, Texas and the Tate pack and see if life on the ranch during Valentine’s, the holiday for lovers, is still as sexy, loving and glorious as it’s always been.

Available at: Amazon in eBook or print | Bookstrand | ARe


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