A Tate Pack Memorial

A Tate Pack Memorial

Sometimes finding your mate comes with a price.

And sometimes that prices may be just a little too high.

Zander Laskaris has spent most of his life looking for his mate. Joining his brothers Zathan and Zavier, he joins the Tate Pack still hoping to one day find the man created to be his for eternity. The man who will be all he’s ever hoped for and all he’ll ever need.

Former soldier Devontae Robinson doesn’t want his mate. He doesn’t think he deserves him. After enlisting in the Army with his friends Derik and Lewis, Devontae returns home to the Tate Ranch under a medical discharge… and with the body of one of his friends in a coffin. He’s haunted by war, by rumors, by the information that he’s received about someone kidnapping paranormals and selling them on the slave market. He wants to curl up and die, not find the one man not only able to heal his heart and help him heal but to get him to fly again, but giving him the anchor he so desperately needs.

These two men will discover that Fate always knows best and that sometimes, in order to truly experience the freedom of flying, one must first give up control.


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