The Tate Pack Series

Complete Categories: paranormal, cowboys, fantasy, interracial, crossdresser, transgender

  1. Unthinkable
  2. Inconceivable
  3. A Very Tate Christmas
  4. Unassumed
  5. A Very Tate Valentine’s, A Very Tate St. Pat’s, A Holy Tate Easter, A Tate Pack Memorial
  6. A Tate Pack VacationFree Read
  7. Impossible 
  8. Untouchable
  9. Immovable
  10. A Very Tate Thanksgiving
  11. Unbelievable
  12. Irreplaceable
  13. Undeniable
  14. A Very Tate Summer
  15. Incomplete
  16. Uncontrollable
  17. Indescribable
  18. The Tate Mate Diaries

2 thoughts on “The Tate Pack Series”

  1. When will there be another Tate Pack book? I would really like to read Calvin and Maurice’s story. And Luci and Katharina. Who is Luci’s secret love? Yep! Need more Tate Pack. Am I the only one?

    1. I will be working on Untouchable: Calvin and Maurice’s story this summer for a release later on this year. As far as Katharina and Luci’s story I’m afraid they haven’t told their story to me. I’m not sure if they will. So we’ll have to wait and see with that one.

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