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10 thoughts on “Vic’s WIPs”

  1. well, i’m looking for “unassumed” since i ve discovered and read 1 & 2 of the tate pack this afternoon. (faaantasticby the way) BUT it seems i cannot buy it on your website neither on all romance site. Where can i find the following listed here ?
    Thanks for your delicious imagination !!

    1. Awww PF I’m glad that you loved Unthinkable and Inconceivable. Actually “Unassumed” isn’t scheduled to be released until the end of January. The third book in the series is actually “A Very Tate Christmas” (it’s more like 2.5). All of these WIPs are ones that I’m still writing and haven’t published yet. I’ll post as soon as they’re finished and what their release dates are. Thanks for loving my “delicious” imagination!-Vic

  2. WOW I don’t think i have ever seen an author who has so many WIP and I am looking forward to reading them all…I fell in love with the tate pack books…although I will have to say that the tate Christmas was really confusing because we don’t know the background on some of the characters yet. But it still pulled the heart strings and was hot at the same time. 🙂 I Cant wait for the rest of the tate books and also some of your other ones look like they will be goodreads as well.

    1. Kim, Impossible is slated to be released March 2nd although it may be pushed back a few days due to “Mark Me”, book one of my The Dom series being released on the 27th.but it will definitely be in March sometime, it’s one of two that I will be releasing next month since I will be spending most of my time with my fiance who will be in town.

  3. Im with Kamaya I have never seen so many WIPs in my life lol. I was wondering if katherina and luci and their mystery man will get their own book in the future? Also, I just finished Unassumed and as a CODA (child of a deaf adult) Mikeys deafness was handled very well. Usually with other authors they make it so unrealistic its just annoying. Like lip reading is purely a guessing game so I liked that it wasnt a focus. Other than the tty and using the word translate it was awesome! Thanx for that!! 🙂
    BTW your other WIP series sound awesome cant wait to read them!

    1. Hi Lisa!

      Michigan is going through its final set of edits now and will be releasing soon. I will be sharing the cover soon. I am also working on book 3 in the Sevion Brotherhood series: Washington and will be subbing that to MLR soon as well.

      Thanks for asking! I’m so glad you enjoy my books.

      -Vicktor Alexander

  4. Hi, do you plan on writing anymore in “The Head Angel In Charge” series? I greatly enjoyed “An Angelic Meeting” part one.

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