The Tate Pack

1. Unthinkable – AReAmazonKindleRainbow eBooksBookstrand

2. Inconceivable – AReAmazonKindleRainbow eBooksBookstrand

3.  A Very Tate Christmas – AReAmazonKindleRainbow eBooksBookstrand 

4. Unassumed – AReKindleRainbow eBooksBookstrand

5.1 A Very Tate Valentine’s – AReKindleRainbow eBooksBookstrand

5.2 A Very Tate St. Pat’s – AReKindleRainbow eBooksBookstrand 

5.3 A Holy Tate Easter – AReKindleRainbow eBooksBookstrand

5.4 A Tate Pack MemorialAReKindleRainbow eBooksBookstrand

5.1-5.4 A Tate Pack Serial Anthology: Love, Liquor, Chocolates & Loyalty – AReKindleRainbow eBooksBookstrand

5.5 A Tate Pack Vacation –  AReBookstrand

6. Impossible – AmazonAReRainbow eBooksBookStrand


13 thoughts on “The Tate Pack”

  1. Good Evening, I just discovered your book and have read the first four, I have two comments. 1) I wish your books were in a more clear order. As I stated I read the first four but in the third book (I think) the one about Christmas you give hints about Ross and Alex but I can not find their book. I really like to know someones history before your give me glimpses. Which book tells their story? 2) The kindle book A vary Tate Christmas was terribley formatted, sentences ended mid page. This is very frustrating.

    1. Hey Shannon,

      Vicktor’s site was recently overhauled by me to help readers see the order of Vic’s books because I do agree, sometimes an author’s multiple book series can be confusing.

      Ross and Alex’s story is in the book Impossible and Vic is working on it now, it’s scheduled for release in October 2012. Calvin and Maurice’s story is the book Untouchable and will be released in November 2012.

      As for the formatting of A Very Tate Christmas I do apologize. We will definitely look into it. Would mind letting me know where you purchased the book?

      With Affection,

  2. I love your books!!!!!! I’ve read the first four books for Tate pack and have already purchased the rest. I just started reading this types of books but I’ve found that I ready love the way you write. So I purchased my book from amazon on my kindle and had the same format problems as the person who wrote before me and thank you for letting me know what order they go in.

    1. Hello Nekeda,

      He does write wonderfully doesn’t he? And you’re hooked! Once you’ve gone M/M there’s no going back.

      Thank you for letting us know the formatting problem with the Tate boys… Tommy would be horrified so we won’t tell him… EVER! Vic and I will look into it.

      Come around often to see what’s happening and his Yahoo group.

      With Affection,

  3. You mentioned two more books coming out in Oct & Nov (Alex & Calvin’s stories respectively), but the only book that came out was the Tate Vacation which had Zander & Demonte (which I don’t recall in any of the other books) and on top of that it mentions Michael being tortured while HJ watched and I definitely don’t remember that. In Howell & Michael’s story the fighting was done while they were at the Opera with them getting Maria and JH later.

    I must admit that, although I absolutely love Vicktor’s writings and have from the beginning with his first book, it is very frustrating to say the least. Can u clear up the confusion in this?

    Forever a fan!!


    1. Susan,

      Vicktor is working on the next installments for the Tate boys but other things since our return from GRL in October take precedent. These things are personal and are not open for discussion but know he is working as fast as possible to release the books and maintain the quality of writing you are all accustom to.

      His writing can be BAM in your face or subtle when introducing characters. They’re there you just don’t realize it! Plus with the Tate boys Vicktor likes to leave things on an edge to be resolved in the next book or the following.

      If you’ve any more questions please do leave a comment anywhere on the site or in Vicktor’s Yahoo group and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you’d like to email me ( with more in-depth questions that is fine as well.

      With Affection,

    2. Hey Susan,

      Thanks for commenting. I am working on Impossible and as Lor said there are some personal things that I am working on right now as well as well as edits for three other books. As far as Zander and Devontae their story was in A Tate Pack Memorial and the book that discussed Michael’s attack was in a Holy Tate Easter though Michael and Howell will have another book where more detail will be given. I so appreciate the continued support and the fact that you love my writing. I am working as fast as I can but I would rather give you quality than quantity. I deleted 50% of a book recently because it wasn’t up to snuff. Anyway, I am working on it and the schedule is all tentative as far as release dates but they are coming, I promise.

      Thanks again for the continued support and as Lor said, join my Yahoo group because they get up-to-date information a lot sooner than others.

      -Vicktor Alexander

  4. I love your books!! When is in the book Impossible going to be released (I thought it was supposed to be in October 2012) and when is the book Untouchable to be released (I thought it was supposed to be in November 2012)? Thanks so much!

    1. Tracy,

      Vicktor is working as fast as he can on the Tate boys. After returning from GRL in October he had some personal things to take care of. He rather give you quality than quantity, and at this point if released the books wouldn’t be up to previous standards.

      Check back often to find out the latest news. His Yahoo group receives news before anyone else. If you truly wish to stay posted on his writing I suggest you join.

      With Affection,

  5. I’ve read all of the Tate boys. Books so far can’t wait for the rest. Vic I hope everything worked out in your personal things and all is well your a great writer and I’m glad you go for quality of quantity that’s what keeps us coming back. By the way is kindle always the last one to offer your books. And how do I join your yahoo group.

    1. Nekeda,

      We’re happy you enjoy them!

      As for the Kindle we have no control as to when third party vendors offer the books for sale. All we can do is upload them and hope they are offered in a timely fashion.

      To join the group simply look to the right at the big red badge with the hot guy. Click it and follow the instructions for sign up.

      With Affection,

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