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7 thoughts on “Vic’s Books”

  1. I’ve been a fan of all your books and have throughly enjoyed each and everyone. I’ve just finished The Alpha King Passion Heros #1 for the second time. Please tell me threr will be more stories in this series….I was amazed on how many other stories u introduced in this one, Iv’e been ckecking everywhere to see if u have published any other book to this series. Thank u for the wonderful character and places for a reader to enjoy. Each story is so detailed and informative with the back story portion. Take care and please keep writing your wonderful stories. I spend allot of time reading due to a sever back injury in the Air Force. I read about 5-7 books a day. Sometimes I read my favorite authors stories or series over and over again. I consider u one of my favorite authors. Thanks again

    1. Patty I’m so glad that you enjoyed The Alpha King. It’s going to re-release with Rooster & Pig Publishing in November and I will continue the series from there. There are a lot more books slated for the Passion’s Hero series: 6 to be exact and then there is a spinoff series planned: Love’s Savior that follows the children born in the first six books.

      I hope you’ll buy the 2nd edition, re-release of The Alpha King from R&P. I’ve added 20k words to it.

  2. I loved Dakota, the first book in the Sevion Brotherhood series, and it heck of a heart-breaking cliff-hanger at the end of the story. I look on a regular basis for the next book in the series, with no luck. And I don’t even see it mentioned on your website. Any word on when the next book will be released?


    Mary M

    1. Hey Mary! The website has been updated now and you’ll find Michigan under “Vic’s WIPs”. I’m so glad that you enjoyed Dakota and that you’re looking forward to the next book. It’s going to release from MLR on August 1st. So in 10 days!

  3. Why is it taking so long for ALL your next book?!? I love them all!! I’ve been waiting for the next Groom of Convenience, The Sevion’s Brotherhood, and Passions Hero books! I hope they come out soon! Please!!!

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