Vic’s Favorite Authors

This is a list of authors (not all of them are M/M authors or even still alive-I wish people could write books from the beyond, wouldn’t THAT be awesome?) whose ability and talent with the written word has so gripped me that I’d buy even their most horrid piece of shite:

  1. AJ Llewellyn
  2. Abigail Roux
  3. Aleksandr Voinov
  4. Alex Haley
  5. Ally Blue
  6. Amber Kell
  7. Amy Lane
  8. Anne Tenino
  9. Bailey Bradford
  10. Belinda McBride
  11. Bobby Michaels 
  12. Brenda Jackson
  13. Bryl Tyne
  14. CS Lewis
  15. Carol Lynne
  16. Catt Ford
  17. Cherie Noel
  18. Chris Owen
  19. DC Juris
  20. DJ Manly
  21. Damon Suede
  22. Daniel A. Kaine
  23. Devon Rhodes
  24. Edgar Allen Poe
  25. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  26. Ellis Carrington
  27. Eloisa James
  28. Ethan Day
  29. Gabrielle Evans
  30. JK Rowling
  31. JP Bowie
  32. Jan Irving
  33. Janette Oke
  34. John Simpson
  35. Joyee Flynn
  36. LA Witt
  37. LB Gregg
  38. LC Chase
  39. Lee Brazil
  40. Lisa Kleypas
  41. Lori Wick
  42. Lynn Hagen
  43. Madeleine Urban
  44. Malcolm X
  45. Mary Calmes
  46. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  47. Maya Angelou
  48. MJ O’Shea
  49. ML Rhodes
  50. Piper Vaughn
  51. Roxy Harte
  52. Sabrina Jeffries
  53. Shae Connor
  54. Stephani Hecht
  55. Stephanie Laurens
  56. Stormy Glenn
  57. Susan Mallery
  58. TA Chase
  59. TD Mckinney
  60. Taylor V Donovan
  61. Terry Wylis
  62. Vicktor Alexander (hey that name looks familiar! LOL. Yes my own writing has touched me)
  63. Willa Okati
  64. William Shakespeare
  65. Xara X Xanakas
  66. ZA Maxfield

And there are a lot more authors out there that I admire and who I like but this would definitely be my list of authors that I love.

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