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4 thoughts on “More Of Vic”

  1. Vicktor, I am impressed.. I am also a BDSM fan.. I would have never have known…
    Now I am curious to read one of your books..

    1. Why thank you Ethan. Let me know what you think about the books. There isn’t any BDSM in them, the ones that are published, but I have a series called “The Dom” that I’m working on that is BDSM exclusive as well as some BDSM in my “Passion’s Hero” series. If you sign up for my mailing list then you’ll get information about their release dates.

      1. I just love those two pool pictures they reach the hehigts of art rather than simply smut. Makes me remember all the things I learnt studying photography back in the distant past One for toys vote counted!

  2. Finally some not in public time My frutvaioe is the second, the guy getting a BJ in the first looks too unimpressed and the 3rd, hmm, might be the angle, not sure but it does nothing for me, even if it is a nice cockProbably skipping the het section

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