This truly hurt me as I watched this. Of course it is just acting, but things like this truly happen in life. No matter if I would get punched or whatever, if it were real or just a TV show, I would stand up for the person who is discriminated against. No matter what the reason. No person shall be treated that way. Ever.

This made me really sad.

Oh lord.. if I was one of the people witnessing this, shit about to go down. Mermaid freaking angry attack.

 this is why i love this show<3

Best line, “She can do any of the things that everyone else can.”

Honestly, I changed my vocabulary because of my major and my love for human beings. I know people with disabilities who know more than I do, and work harder at the things I wish I did. To know that people degrade somebody because of a disability is really heart breaking. I would’ve stood up to anyone, even the so-called intimidating actor, if they were to say slurs or harass anyone with a disability. That is just cruel. 

There are those with disabilities, but it is society that handicaps.

It starts with an attitude adjustment. 

I love it when people stand up for those who cannot or are unwilling to stand up for themselves.  The “Guardians” are what I like to call us.  Fighting and standing for the ethical treatment of ALL mankind.  This hurt my heart to hear the words thrown out and the statements made, I know people with Down Syndrome and other disabilities, I recently became a handicapable person when the VA put me in a wheelchair, we have to stand against hatred, discrimination, prejudice and intolerance in all its forms.  Like the woman said “Our silence is our condoning the situation.”

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