A sad day for human rights: Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato was found beaten to death in his home yesterday. His picture recently appeared on a Ugandan magazine next to the words “hang them,” a byproduct of a violent, anti-gay political climate fostered by David Bahati’s disgusting homosexuality legislation, which prescribes the death penalty for “serial offenders.” Bahati is a member of the potent U.S. Evangelical group “The Family,” home to many American politicos, so don’t expect this story to go away too easily. We hope like hell it won’t. source

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rest in power.

 I hope that this inspires everyone to speak out against the small-mindedness and the “Fear Propaganda” that takes place all over the world.  If we are silent about the injustices and the violence that takes place when people have a difference of opinion, then we are just as guilty of those that commit these heinous crimes.  Rest in peace, power, love and strength David Kato.

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